We are here to present and explain our idea and the general approach to the creation of a very special education project in Switzerland and internationally. We are talking about an up to date Academy that sets the task of teaching, training and supporting a new generation of professional international personnel, people of the modern formation, strong, influential leaders, independent in judgments and popular with citizens, who consider a person, his or her life in all its aspects, civilizational development, the creation of a new fair global legal and economic order the main thing in the global system of coordinates.

Creation of a common space for legal, economic and cultural development and cooperation on this ground is the goal of millions of people striving for peace, good-neighborliness and constructive interaction. This is the main focus of our professional effort. The main moral motivation of SAIL project.

We started and develop it in Switzerland, because this country, with its rich history, was one of the first to come to the legal management format of a society that harmoniously protects the rights and interests of an ordinary person, making it an active participant in the process of building its own future. Another reason why we like this model is the fact that neutrality has provided the country with long-term active work without wars, created a unique environment to attract the international community to the joint constructive activities within the framework of many international organizations and projects.