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Sergey Lavrov Commended ALR Work for Protecting the Rights of Compatriots Abroad

On September 3rd, 2021, chaired by Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, a regular meeting of the Government Commission on Compatriots Abroad took place in Moscow.

It should be reminded that the Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation is represented in the Commission, with its members including Stanislav Alexandrov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the ALR.

In the context of the work of the Commission, the Association acts as a co-executor for a number of the items of the Comprehensive Plan of Basic Measures for the Implementation of the State Policy of the Russian Federation on Compatriots Living Abroad for 2021–2023. The plan is intended to coordinate the efforts of the federal executive authorities, the regions of the Russian Federation and non-governmental organizations to develop relations with the Russian community to protect their rights and interests, as well as to activate the role of compatriots living abroad in expanding cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign states. 

Stanislav Alexandrov reported on the activities in the sphere of support and protection of the rights of compatriots abroad, carried out by the ALR, noting in particular the increased interest in holding the All-Russian Legal Dictation, which has successfully reached the international level.

 «It was encouraging to see that the proposals of the Association of Lawyers of Russia are reflected in the Plan every year, this shows that the activity of the Association is highly demanded»,— the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the ALR said after the meeting.


Source: ALR Press Office

As part of the meeting, Stanislav Alexandrov presented to Sergey Lavrov the Swiss Academy for International Law (SAIL) as an educational project in the creation of which the ALR took an active part. The Minister expressed his support and appreciation for the activities of the Academy in Switzerland.