Our absolute priority is a person and his rights. His life, upbringing, education, work, everyday interests, freedoms and dreams. Only a free person is able to understand the world around him, to create incentives for effective international development. We love our country and would like to make it the most safe and attractive place in the Globe. We know how the international law works and would like to make our students, girls and boys – the best experts in the world.   

We are not idealists, we have acquired many years of both life and professional experience in international law mazes, we have hundreds of friends and partners on all continents and we want to make the world better, always support the interests of those who put cooperation, development, dialogue and compromise above war, brute force, humiliation and suffering.

We are born different, but equal in the right to obtain a decent education, a good life. We will always respect and observe this right, transfer all the best to a new generation of people, help them become the strongest, most intelligent and fair, drawing the best world practices and teachers to the education process. We will multiply the potential and influence of the intellectual elite on the fate of people in the world step by step.