We are happy that by now we have created a clear picture of how we could structure the innovative educational process involving different international universities, institutions, organizations and individuals. And what is very important - is the fact that we all could be the part of a large educational platform based on the Swiss Academy for International Law, in Switzerland – the leading location for the international law practices.

So, let us summarize what do we have to propose, develop and share internationally.


Formats. How we estimate them.

  1. We all do agree that the format of the educational process could be off-line (the natural and the most “human” way of delivering and sharing the knowledge and experience, going through the educational and research practice). By now we have no doubt that without the off-line
  2. (or just with on-line) you will never get the best possible knowledge and practical tools for your future or current profession. More of that – there are huge number of very important professions, that will absolutely need your face to face, eyes to eyes and hands to hands, off-line education, knowledge sharing and practices, emotional involvement.  
  1. We also do understand and accept that the on-line education is the best possible additional innovative instrument that makes any program speak modern digital language. The on-line format is absolutely indispensable especially during force-major times like we are passing by right now with COVID. But the more we try it and put it into SAIL plans – the more skeptical become our students and speakers. Thanks to force-major we now know better where is the real quality.
  1. We consider it possible and reasonable to combine both on-line and off-line education. That is making our planning and educational process more flexible. We understand the difference between teaching and sharing knowledge, we support research, practical classes and innovative attitude.



The Swiss Academy for International Law is covering all possible levels of education.

In our international cooperation and partnership educational products we are concentrating on the following educational products:

- Masters programs in international law (duration 18-24 months). Two diplomas.

International sports law. International law of intellectual property. International financial law. Another new programs will be delivered to the market in the coming months.

- International law modules (segments) inserted into different MBA programs. There is a special demand for this kind of combined programs coming from the industry leaders dealing with the international business management projects. More of that, this kind of the format could be the on-going, non-stop, like the wheel, when the participants themselves are choosing the starting point for entering the educational process.

It could be October or April – dependent on what they exactly need. And for now we already have an advantage in choosing location.

We have an agreement, in addition to different Swiss cities (Geneva, Zurich, Lozanne, Lugano) with universities in Moscow,

Saint Petersburg and other countries.  

- Short term executive education programs (STEEP) in international law (2-7 days).

The first made analyses by the International Law Education Center in Moscow are showing high interest in buying the following STEEPs:

  1. Nature and functioning mechanisms of Sports Arbitrage. Dispute resolution.
  2. Securing the legal support of managing the career lifecycle in sports and arts.
  3. How to draft, control and sign properly the professional contract with sports agent, club or federation. Key points to know.
  4. Legal aspects of the e-sport integration. New technological world to be structured and adopted by the international legal institutions.
  5. International legal anti-doping regulation.
  6. International Sports law and corruption.
  7. Olympic law and international law in different sports disciplines.
  8. International law and big events: organization, sponsorship, legal certainty, ambush marketing
  9. All aspects of the international finance law (including cyber crimes in banking and finance).
  10. All aspects of the international law of the intellectual property.
  11. International legal support of family, women and children.
  12. International law success stories.



All mentioned above programs and events could take place in different international locations. The exact choice will depend upon the budget parameters, season, number of participants from each region, specific demands directed to the management and other expected and unexpected circumstances. In any case in our decision making process we will be maximum flexible and quality result driven.

Being devoted to our main brand location (SAIL = Switzerland) we though could choose another world location for presenting the SAIL program in case we see there the best possible outcome for the professional recognition, potential growth, people’s attraction and financial result. In any case we all will try to strengthen the each others educational positions and highly respect the name of the partner. We will design the very special diplomas format to be presented to all those who will go through our joint educational track and create a very attractive marketing tools to promote our products.   

Our plan for the very near future is to have strong devoted partners all over the world to be able to place the program on a friendly territory. And to officially localize the  educational presence of SAIL everywhere.