You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one 



The main objective of our project is to create a new generation of professionals in international law, who will enjoy the educational process in our friendly professional atmosphere, training and research centers - exclusive in terms of quality that would be linked by a single technology of training the elite international management personnel.

Our Academy, headquartered in Geneva, will become an incubator of the best international law education, competences and practices in bachelors, masters, short-term executive education programs, mixed educational modules, postgraduate training, seminars, special programs, conferences and new innovative formats of international education.

Here in Switzerland, we are creating an executive international law education platform, which is international in terms of its spirit and system of education. All the best practices and methods of national law schools, including the Swiss, European continental, British, Russian, American and others, will be collected and implemented at our Academy. All of them will work in a flexible international educational environment with the advancement of the world’s best teaching experience.

Our international experience is telling us that there are special formats of educational events that are making people think globally, as one joint team, making one task, practicing international law schemes allowing students from different countries and continents create their safe future rules. SAIL invites everybody not only to join its educational events, but build new forms of international co-working.

-  International conferences, seminars, round table discussions. Duration: 1-3 days.

-  Summer and winter educational schools/camps/events. Duration: 5-10 days.

This educational format could be different each time. Depending on the demand, partnership potential, availability of the star speakers. Different locations.

All mentioned above programs and events could take place in different international locations. The exact choice will depend upon the budget parameters, season, number of participants from each region, specific demands directed to the management and other expected and unexpected circumstances. In any case in our decision making process we will be maximum flexible and quality result driven.

Being devoted to our main brand location (SAIL = Switzerland) we though could choose another world location for presenting the SAIL program in case we see there the best possible outcome for the professional recognition, potential growth, people’s attraction and financial result. In any case we all will try to strengthen the each others educational positions and highly respect the name of the partner. We will design the very special diplomas format to be presented to all those who will go through our joint educational track and create a very attractive marketing tools to promote our products.  

Our plan for the very near future is to have strong devoted partners all over the world to be able to place the program on a friendly territory. And to officially localize the  educational presence of SAIL everywhere.