SAIL (Swiss Academy for International Law) was established in 2019 upon the initiative of the Assosiation of Lawyers of Russia and its Swiss partner - the Swiss School for International relations (in the international educational market since 1996) and based on the vast experience accumulated over the last twenty years.

It is a Swiss-based educational institution located in Geneva, which realizes jurisprudence training programs (Bachelor’s degree program; Master's degree programs; LL.M; short-term executive education programs, advanced training and career enhancement, scientific research, events.) This unique project was developed as the first Russian International educational innovative center abroad.

It amalgamates the best academical traditions of Russia and Europe.

SAIL was established and develops as the consortium of the best Russian universities with strong both traditional and innovative law schools, by partners, friends, experienced successful lawyers and businessmen who decided to put all their accumulated international life knowledge into hands and heads of the new generation of leaders who would like to change our world into better.

Over the past decades we have managed to create a professional, full-fledged educational business ties infrastructure on the territory of Switzerland and other countries, which is stably demanded. Our reputation is based on our long term experience in international law, education, general management, business administration, economics, innovations.

SAIL project is managed by a private Swiss company.

We accumulated experience of professional work with leading universities in Switzerland, Europe, Russia and the USA, international law and business community, dozens of corporate partners around the world, a lot of successfully conducted international projects, conferences, round tables, seminars. All of this is a powerful potential and experience for the development of educational and training activities at the forthcoming stage.

We are not simply going to teach every and all of our students, we are going to share with them everything we know and know how, bringing into international law and legal studies educational process the best innovative both theoretical and practical international competences from all over the world.

The core product of SAIL – the innovative educational programs which are created and based on the principles of practical deepening into process of analyses and decision-making in one team with the best world experts. This attitude helps to better understand how to manage the legal and business processes, minimize the risks, survive in terms of competition and how to develop the success using the best possible knowledge potentials in international law.   

SAIL is a private enterprise, open for all forms of cooperation, experience exchange and joint programs and projects. The head office of the company is based in Geneve.